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Cast: Ravi Krishna, Sonia Agrawal, Sunil Shetty
Direction: Selvaraghavan
Production: AM. Rathnam
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

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Story Line:

Ravi Krishna, son of Vijayan is an irresponsible youth, who bunks classes, fails in his exams, go behind girls. Sonia Agrawal and her family (North-Indian family) takes a flat number 7G in the Rainbow Colony. As usual Ravikrishna like her and tries to impress her. He repeatedly goes behind her and cuts her name on his hand and tries to impress her with greeting cards and letters. But everything is futile. He develops an inferiority complex and goes into a shell. Upon realizing his sorry fate, Sonia tries to solve all his problems. She motivates him to come up in life and helps him find a job. The next part is all about Sonia Agrawal falling in love with Ravi Krishna and her efforts to hold his hands in support. Watch the entire movie. Movie approach and the reatement is very different and good movie to watch.

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