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Cast: Naseruddin Shah, Anupam Kher, Rajesh Shringapure, Jimmy Shergill, Aamir Bashir, Deepal Shaw, Gaurav Kapoor
Direction: Neeraj Pandey
Production: Anjum Rizvi, Shital Bhatia
Banner: Anjum Rizvi Film Company, UTV Motion Pictures, A Friday Filmwor

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Story Line:

This is a story of certain events that unfold between 2 and 6 p.m. on a Wednesday in Mumbai; events that do not exist in any record. It’s a Wednesday when Prakash Rathod (Anupam Kher), the Commissioner of Police, Mumbai receives a phone call asking him to release four militants. The caller (Naseeruddin Shah) threatens him saying if he took his call lightly, he would be responsible for a series of bomb blasts in the city. But if he listens to him, many innocent lives would be saved and the caller would also reveal where he had planted the bombs. Rathod suspects it to be a crank call, but is forced to change his opinion when his men find a bomb at the police station right in front of the headquarters.  It is then that the Chief Minister orders Rathod to tackle this critical situation. While trying to trace the caller, he meets a reporter from a news channel – Naina Roy, played by Deepal Shaw, who has also been tipped off by the same anonymous caller.

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