AA Okkati Adakku (1993) – Telugu Comedy DVD Movie Watch Online and Download



Cast : Rajendraprasad, Rambha, Raogopalrao, Brahmanandam, Nirmalamma, Allu Ramalingaiah, Srilatha and others
Director: Satyanarayana E.V.V.

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Story Line :

Aa.. Okkati Adakku is a complete comedy movie.Rajnedra Prasad is a young unemployed bachelor who believes in superstitions and astrology. The Astrologer advices him that he will become king soon after marriage and after finishing his first night. From that day  he becomes proud and behave as King. He rejects all good salaried jobs and insults the employers who offer him those jobs. He he fells in love with Rambha, the only daughter of millionaire RaoGopala Rao. RaoGoapla rao  who earned all his money with hard work denies for the marriage. But he puts restriction one-lakh rupees as dowry for rambha before marriage. Rajendra prasad unable to give the money even after marriage. What happens to their marriage forms rest of the movie.

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