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Cast: Shaam, Sneha, Aparna, Nandhana, Vadivelu and others
Director: Saravana Subbiah
Music: Imran

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Story Line: 

The story revolves around Anand (Shaam) a smart bloke in search of a job, Chandra (Sneha), a widow, Bharathy (Nandhana) a temperamental woman driven hard by revolutionary ideas, and Divya Daisy (Aparna) an orphan attempting to build her own life. Anand lives in a portion of a house owned by an orthodox Brahmin.Anand meets Bharathy, when she runs pillar to post to find her lost academic certificates.Anand helps her find the certificates. From there on they become friends. He learns about Bharathy and her caring nature when she tells him about her familial bonds and responsibilities. He begins to share Bharathy’s burden. Bharathy attracted by his kind-heartedness, falls in love with him. In another incident, Anand comes across Divya Daisy when he rescues her from a near fatal accident and admits her in a hospital. He learns about Divya and her efforts to settle in life on her own. They both become close friends. Over a period of time, Divya develops a fascination for Anand and opens her heart for him. Meanwhile, Chandra comes back to her parents’ house as a widow. Anand meets Chandra and learns about her miserable past. Chandra was wedded to a cantankerous man and a drunkard (played by Saravana Subbhiah ? the film’s director). She silently suffers his torture and leads a very messy life. Chandra’s husband dies in an accident and she returns to her parent’s house.

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