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Thanks for spending time to know about me and for giving your feedback and comments.

I am a post graduate and I am fond of movies and always watch movies in theatres as well as in online from some websites. I bookmarked many sites and watch at least 3, 4 movies daily (Renting, online and with downloading).

Sometimes I need to go to different websites to make me happy with all the information I need.Some movies that are not in good print, So, I need to download and watch. Sometimes, Download links are not working, then I need to watch movies online. Sometimes, I want to know the Cast and Crew with the year of release. Sometimes, some movies may not be worth to spend my valuable time. Sometimes, I want to watch movies in different languages. Sometimes, I find only one link for the movie and that may not work.  

In all the above senarios, I used to go many websites to watch one movie successfully with all the information that I want. Then, I thought of starting my own website with all the information that I want and planned to share the same with the other movies lovers like you. Then the website “imovies4you.com” came up !!!.

Now, I am providing movies and other entertainment stuff which includes Different Servers, Movie story, Online Links, Download links, Good movie poster, Cast and Crew details. And Watching my favourate movies in my own site whenever I want.

One more things is I get some revenue with advertisements that I publish on my website. I donate some of the money to Charities and some poor people.

Please feel free to post your comments and suggestions. You are always welcome to express your thoughts and comments and feedback as well.

Your feedback and comments will help me in improving this website.

Have Fun,

Cheers, iMovies4You team.   


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