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Cast : Krishna., Radha, Vijayshanti, Jaggaiah, Noothan Prasad, Sharada, Raogopalrao.,
Directed by : K. Raghavendra Rao
Produced by : C. Ashwini Dutt
Written by : Paruchuri Brothers
Music by : K. Chakravarthy
Release date : January 11th, 1985

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 Story Line :

Jagannadharao, a leading lawyer marries Janaki and fathers to a son (Master Arjun). Indrasena Varma and his friend Rudrayya addicts Jagannadharao to drinking. According to a plan, they accuse Janaki as fallen woman, and try to get rid off her along with child, by provoking the people stoning her to death, when Jagannadharao falls unconscious owing to heavy drinking. In the temple of Shiva, Janaki names her son as Jamadagni (Krishna). She commits suicide, while Jaggayya marries Parvatamma for the second time and fathers to a son named Chandram (Krishna) and a daughter (Poornima) . Parvatamma comes to know about the treachery and threatens Indrasena Varma and Rudrayya but loses her eyesight when pushed by Indrasena Varma and Rudrayya, whilst Jagannadharao is stroked by hand paralysis. Indrasena Varma and Rudrayya grabs the property of Jagannadharao. Paralyzed Jagannadharao and his family leaves the riches.

Years pass away. Jamadagni who leads orphan life, grows as a very rich and powerful man in the later years. He develops vengeance on his father, for his mother’s death because of accusation and his orphanage state. He grabs money from the smugglers and wins the hearts of poor people. He starts to construct a corporate hospital for the poor and gives employment to the poor in the construction. Vijaya, an orphanage woman joins the construction and gets saved from Jamadagni and from then she lives in his house and falls in love with him.

Lully (Radha), the only daughter of Indrasena Varma who comes from America, is saved by Chandram on a horse and gets appointed as assistant to her on the condition that his mother should regain her eyesight with the operation fee paid by Indrasena Varma.Chandram becomes a police inspector and rejects pay for operation getting to know about Parvatamma (Chandram’s mother) and so Chandra kipnap lully who falls in love with him.

Indrasena Varma orders his men to kill Parvatamma but saved by Jamadagni and bring her home while Jagannadharao reveal to Parvatamma that Jamadagni is his son. What happen when Jamadagni get to know about his father who thinks is the reason for her mother death and what will he do to the real culprits form the rest of the story.

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