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Cast: Baby Sunayana, Ramya Krishna, Rami Reddy, Suresh and others
Producer: M S Shyam Prasad Reddy
Director: Kodi Rama Krishna
Genre: Special Interest, Fantasy, Drama

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Plot Summary:

In a spectacular overture, the goddess Ammoru (Ramya Krishna) comes into being. Thereafter the plot follows devotee Bhavani (Soundarya) as she tries to escape magician Gorakh (Reddy). A girl witnesses an evil sadhu attempting to bury a virgin alive, in a bid to gain magical power and riches, and calls the police. The sadhu’s mother, unhappy he has been jailed for life, vows to get her revenge on the girl, and proceeds to make her life a misery. The girl, however, has the protection of Ammoru, the goddess of the village. It’s an intricate weaving of legend and more traditional Bollywood concerns, and Bhavani is forced to endure an attempt on her life and the death of her child until the goddess descends to Earth in a blaze of glory to wipe out Gorakh, and a few others besides.

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