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Cast: David Hasselhoff, John Rhys-Davies, Crystal Allen, Ryan McCluskey, Patrick Regis, Anthony Green and others
Directed by: Don E. Fauntleroy

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Part-1 || Part-2 || Part-3 || Part-4 || Part-5 || Part-6 || Part-7 || Part-8

Story Line:

Dr. Hayes, the youngest, hottest, blondest herpetologist I’ve ever seen accompanies a ragtag team of inept snake hunters that look more suited for playing paintball and I doubt they’d be very good at that either. She was already unhappy with the whole endeavor because she believed the research would be handled more responsibly. That should have been a no-brainer for her the second they bred a super serpent that reminded me a lot of the plastic toy snake that came with the Masters of the Universe “Snake Mountain Playset” I had as a child.

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