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Starring: Girish Karnad, Mallika, JV Ramana Murthy, Rajesh and others
Directed : Jandhyala
Produced by K. Ravi Prakash and T. Suneetha
Written by Dr.K.Viswanath
Music by Ramesh Naidu
Cinematography : S. Gopal Reddy

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Story Line:

This is a movie which gives you an idea about the origin of kuchipudi dance. It is about the people who considered a boy performing “kuchipudi” dance an embarrassment and about a man who is fighting tooth and nail to pass on the heritage of “kuchipudi”. He finally manages to find a girl who he trains in “kuchipudi”. As, girls learning kuchipudi was not accepted in that era he gets outcast from his caste, place and also the religious places.

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