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Cast: Siddarth, Thamannah, Rishi, Rukmani, Kitty, Charlie, Madan Bob and many others.
Banner: Aascar Films International
Production: Aascar Ravichandran
Direction: Gandhi Krishna
Music: G.V. Prakash
Cinematography: Jeeva Shankar

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Story Line:

The film opens with Ragupathi (Siddarth), a talented engineering graduate, yet unemployed. His lovable father (Kitty) is moreover like a friend for him and keeps advising for his best to which Raghu doesn’t listen to his advice. Raghu falls in love with Madhumitha (Thamannah) whose parents have no objections for getting the young lad and missy married. At the point, when their engagement rings are exchange, everything drifts as Radhakrishnan (Rishi) working Mackintosh of US brainwashes the entire family and gets married with Madhumitha. Unable to bear the pain, Raghu attempts for suicide and gets saved. More convinced by his caring father, he flees to United States for higher studies where he meets a girl Rathna (Rukmani). Despites born in America sans a single visit to India, she’s more adhered to eastern cultural ethics. They get more good along with each other and finally decide to marry at Pittsburgh temple. At this point of time, Raghu and Madhumitha encounter each other and their strong likeliness for each other evoke again. But, everything isn’t sweet as you expect in an unimaginable climax.

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