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Cast: Raghu Varan, Revathi, Prabhu, Saranya, Nishanth, Master Tarun, Baby Shamili, Sruthi, V K Ramaswamy, Janagaraj, Krishna Rao
Story, Screenplay and Director: Mani Ratnam
Music: Ilayaraja
Dialogues: Rajasri
Release Date: 1990

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Story Line:

A married couple and their two children live together in South India. The family soon decide to have another child. At birth it appears the child suffers from a terminal disease. The ailment is brought to the attention of the husband (Raghuvaran) at the local hospital, and together, the hospital authorities and the husband collude to keep the child’s disease a secret from the mother (Revathi). They let the family believe the child is dead. When the truth eventually transpires, the child is brought back to the household. Colony representatives collude to advocate the expulsion of the mentally-affected child from the neighborhood as it is affecting other children. The film explores why the husband did what he did, how the family, including the two other children, and the entire neighborhood come to accept the child into their lives, how she is cared for, and whether they finally are ready to let her go.
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