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Cast: Chiranjeevi,Soundarya,Raviteja and others
Direction: Muthyala Subbaiyya

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Story Line :

Rajaram,”Annayaa”,(Chiranjeevi) is a self employed individual having a truck transport company with 40 trucks to his name and he cares for the poor. More than all he cares for his brothers. Devi,”Akkaya”(Soundarya) also loves her sisters. Rajaram’s brothers are always mischievous in what they do. Though Mechanical Engg.’s they are too lazy to work and also to show their talent. Raja Ram’s brothers fall in love with Devi’s sisters. When Rajaram approaches Devi for his brothers’ marriage, Devi refuses as she is against people who drink Alcohol. Rajaram teaches his brothers to become Men. What happens forms the rest of the movie.

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