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Cast : Shekhar Suman, Manmaujee,  Padmini Kolhapure, Richa Sharma, Sujit Kumar, Padma Khanna, Seema Deo, Paintal, Parveen Sood and others

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Story Line :

This is a great, forgotten gem starring a young Shekar Suman, who only got fame in the mid-90s as host of TV show ‘Movers & Shakers’. he’s the horny yet nerdy city goof who is on his way to marry his betrothed (Padmini K) back in the village where both their families live. he wants to try fooling around with her, but she’s too much of a tomboy and seemingly devoid of any sexual desire. this may seem like a sleazy scenario and a crude subject matter, but it’s dealt with a terrific sense of humor that arises from situations which are achingly real.

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