April 1 Vidudala (1990) – Telugu DVD Comedy Movie Online and Download



Cast: Rajendraprasad, Shobana, Mallikarjuna Rao, Rallapalli,Sakshi Ranga Rao, Y.Vijaya,Jayalalitha, Krishna Chaitanya and others
Story: Kolapalli Ishwar, M.I.Kishan
Music: Ilayaraja
Dialogues : L.B.Sriram
Lyrics: Seetararma Shastry,Vennelakanti
Producer: Gottimukkala Padma Rao
Directed by : Vamsi

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April 1st Vidudala  DVD Movie Download :

Part-1 || Part-2 || Part-3 || Part-4

Part-1 || Part-2 || Part-3 || Part-4

Story Line :

The movie begins with divakaram (Rajendraprasad) comes for a ideo-shoot a marriage, where he sees Shobhana and falls in love.He gather information about her from maternal uncle (Pradeep Shakti)and comes to know respects only the people who are self sufficient and straightforward. He also finds out that she is unmarried and working as a railway clery and soon getting transferred to Rajamundry where he is living now. So divakaram comes back to the Rajamundry and gets permission from a doctor (Shubha) to use the front veranda in her house for his video shop. In order to secure the capital he uses all kinds of tricks. He blackmails (Jayalalita), cheats (Mallikarjuna Rao) and claims a chit which he never was a member of, and so on. Finally starts the video shop. Divakaram writes letters and he gets response from Pradeep Shakti in Shobana’s name making Divakaram assume that Shobana is in love with him. Finally when she lands in Rajamundy he approaches for marriage. It’s then that he realizes that he had been cheated by Pradeep Shakti. Meanwhile, Shobana finds out all of divakaram’s mischief through the neighbors. To teach him lesson, Shobana puts forward a deal that she would marry him only if he stays out of cheating, and does not utter a lie in a month. Divakaram goes for it.Will Divakaram wins the deal or not forms the rest of the movie.

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