Ave Kallu (1967) – Watch Telugu Thriller Movie Online and Download


Cast: Krishna, Kanchana, Nagabushanam and others
Genre: Thriler
Year: 1967
Language: Telugu
Director: A.C.Trilok Chander

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Story Line:

Rajashekar (Rajanala) has three brothers, one is elder and another one is younger. One elder brother dies in accident mysteriously another one gets murder in his house. Seeing that his sister-in-law loses her sanity. Susheela, his brother’s daughter who is studying in Madras comes to her house in holidays along with her friends gets terrified with the unfortunate incidents.
Susheela meets Bhaskar and falls in love with him. Bhaskar one day meets the murderer who tries to kill Susheela. The murderer is full covered, but bhaskar was able to see only the eyes of that guy. How Bhaskar finds the murderer and solves the mystery is the rest of the story.

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