Barsaat (1949) – Hindi Old Classic Movie Online and Download


Cast : Nargis,Raj Kapoor,Prem Nath,K.N. Singh,Cuckoo,Nimmi
Music : Shankar Jaikishan
Produced and Directed : Raj Kapoor
Written : Ramanand Sagar
Release date : 1949

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Story Line :

The film revolves around two love stories. Pran (Kapoor), and Reshma (Nargis) and Gopal (Prem Nath) and Neela (Nimmi). Two friends with opposite personalities, the rich but sensitive Pran and the womanizing Gopal both have affairs with two mountain girls while holidaying in the vale of Kashmir. While Pran and Reshma’s love is true and reciprocated, Gopal is a womanising villain, who disregards the faithful Neela (Nimmi) and condemns her to wait faithfully for his return with the barsaat (rainy season). Many plot intrigues follow through with Pran and Reshma facing many trials on the path to true love, including parental opposition, accidents and an attempted forced marriage of Reshma to an uncouth fisherman. The couple are finally reunited.

Gopal on the other hand finally becomes a reformed character and rushes to claim the ever faithful Neela who has been pining away, only to arrive to find his true love dead. The film ends with Gopal lighting Neela’s funeral pyre as the rains finally come.

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