Saturday , 31 January 2015

Best of Udit Narayan – Best of Love Duets – Download MP3 Audio Love Songs


Udit Narayan – Best of Love Duets – Track List:

01.Woh Tassavvur
02.Taro Ko Mohabbat
03.Ye Hum Aa Gaye Hain Kahan
04.O Jaane Jaana
05.Mujhe Tum Yaad aate ho
06.Aankhein Bandh Kerke
07.Mohabbat Se Zyada
08.Humein Tumse Hua Hai Pyaar
09.Dil Mere Naa
10.Tumhara Tumhara
11.Humein Tumse Hai Pyaar Itna
12.Meri Nas Nas Mein Tum Ho
13.Tumse Kahen Ya
14.Laal Dupatta

Download Links – Udit Narayan – Best of Love Duets:

1. Woh Tassavvur  — Link

2. Taro Ko Mohabbat  — Link

3. Yeh Hum Aa Gaye Hain Kahan –  Link

4. O Jaane Jaana -  Link

5. Mejhe Tum Yaad Aate Ho  –  Link

6. Aakhein Bandh Karke –  Link

7. Mohabbat Se Zyada –  Link

8. Humein Tumse Hua Hai  — Link

9. Dil Mere Naa — Link

10. Tumhara Tumhara  –  Link

11. Humein Tum Se Hua Hai Pyar — Link

12. Meri Nas Nas Mein Tum Ho — Link

13. Tumse Kahen Yah Hum –  Link

14. Laal Dupatta  –  Link

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