Bhagavad Geetha in Telugu – By Ghantasala



Bhagawan describes the meaning of attaining prosperous, happy and peaceful living in day to day life and this description is called Bhagavad Geetha. Sri Krishna tells to the man representing the mankind (i.e.) Arjuna. It is an art of living of man, in the society while doing his own duties and explains in an orderly way in accordance with the enlightenment of the human brain, in 18 episodes, called Yogas. This was the conversation between Lord Sri Krishna and Arjuna during the famous Mahabharatha war, in Kurukshetra, around 5000 years back just before entering of Kaliyuga.

Listen and Watch Bhagavad Geetha vocally rendered by Sri Ghantasala with Telugu transaltion and the telugu transalation is written by Sri Rangayya Sastry.

Watch Online here

(bagavad geetha, geeta, bhagavad, bagavath, bagavadh, gita, githa, geetha)


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