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Movie: Bharathi Kannamma
Cast: Parthiban, Meena, Vijayakumar, Vadivelu
Music: Deva
Director: Cheran

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Story Line :

Bharathi (Parthiban), a worker for a rich Thevar Zamindar (Vijayakumar). He comes from a lower caste and falls in love with the rich Zamindar’s daughter Kannamma (Meena). Kannamma feels the same way, however their differing castes become a barrier, and as Kannamma’s marriage is fixed to a wealthy man, Bharathi hasn’t the courage to express his disapproval or start a relationship with Kannamma. His allegiance to the Zamindar, along with his fear of the caste system make him unwilling to stop the marriage. Bharathi’s sister, however, also falls in love with a rich young man from a neighbouring town, and their differing circumstances do not hinder them from forming a relationship.

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