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Bheema (2008) – Tamil Movie Online and Download


Cast: Vikram, Trisha, Prakash Raj, Sherin, Raguvaran, Ashish Vidyarthy
Direction: N Linguswamy
Production: A M Rathnam
Music: Harris Jayaraj

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 Story Line:

Chinna (Prakash Raj) and Periyavar (Raghuvaran) are the dons for two different gangs. Shekhar (Vikram) is a son of an honest and dedicated policeman, grows up in Rameswaram. From childhood he is drawn towards Chinna more for his benevolent nature than his dark side. Shekhar’s admiration for Chinna develops into adoration and Chinna is a role model. He eventually joins the ranks of the gangster and rises to become his trusted lieutenant. A turf war breaks out between Chinna and Periyavar. Fighting on the side of Chinna, ‘all muscle’ Shekhar humbles Periyavar and his sons and helps Chinna establish his supremacy. However, the rivalry between the two gangs intensifies in a bid to eliminate each other. Terror is let loose.

A new police commissioner (Ashish Vidyarthi) enters into the drama. He forms a special team to liquidate the two gangs in encounters. Meanwhile, Shekhar falls in love with Charu (Trisha). This further complicates matters. With the special team in hot pursuit of the gangs, the situation hots up leading to shoot-outs and the resultant mayhem.
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