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Cast: Siddarth, Genelia, Bharath, Vivek, Senthil, Nakul, Manikanden and others
Music by: A. R. Rahman
Directed by: S. Shankar
Produced by: A.M. Rathnam
Written by: Sujatha

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Watch DVD Full Movie Online here

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Story Line:

Boys is the story of 5 youths whose flair for gals is never-ending. Bob Galy(Originally Babu Kalyanam), plays a little of guitar to impress gals. Munna writes hickoo poems to impress gals. Kumar believes in his sense of humor to impress gals, Juju works out with his physique to impress gals. Krishna tries his skills on playing drums and dholas to impress gals. Ultimately, the title is been justified, “BoYZ” for Gals. And there comes Harini, a city college gal in the locality where these youngsters hang around all the time. All five trying to win her heart in their own ways finally ends when Harini picks Munna as her Sweetheart and rest as buddies.

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