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Cast: Mohan, Naresh, Aswani, Sudha, Nutan Prasad, Veerabhadra Rao, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Suttivelu
Director: Jandhyala

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Story Line:

Director Jandhyala, once again proved his talent through this fantastic comedy movie ‘Chupulu kalasina subha vela’. The title choosing itself is very interesting. Because he has chosen the first line of popular telugu song as title for his movie. The hilarious comedy in each and every bit, attracted audience in drove. This is the last movie for the popular actor late Sutti veerabhadra rao. His performance as father of hero-in is unparallel. Each and every dialogue in this movie is humorous. Especially the scenes between Sutti veerabhadra rao and hero naresh are most hilarious. The story is unique and interesting. Hero Mohan fells in love with his owner’s adopted daughter. They love each other. Hero takes the help of his best friend Naresh to disclose his proposal to his owner. Naresh agreed to his friend’s request and discloses their love matter as per their request. Then begin the actual story. Naresh faces so many accidental problems due to his friend’s love proposal. The way Naresh deals with these problems, the way Hero solves his friend’s problems, the way Naresh’s love story begins is really interesting. Brahmanandam’s comedy is another highlight of this movie. He acted as glutton in this movie. Songs are highlights. Especially the title song created a big sensation. Because , in this song hero Naresh appears as a beautiful lady. I liked this movie very much. I am sure no one can reject this comedy tonic.

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