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Cast: Rajnikanth, Amrish Puri, Mamooty, Arvind Swamy, Shobhana, Bhanupriya and others 
Directors: Mani Ratnam 
Producers: Dr. R. V. Rao 
Theaterical Release: 1992 
Run Length : 158 min 

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Story Line:

Surya grows up an orphan as his mother left him in a train. He is teased by many for being an orphan. His anger towards society turns him into a ganster. Meanwhile, two mafia dons want Surya to join their gangs. They are Deva and Amrish Puri. Deva the nicer of the two gangsters, with more principles, attempting to help the poor while tormentting the rich. Amrish on the other hand is ruthless and is always trying to get in Deva’s way. Amrish also attempts to murder Deva, but Surya saves Deva and Surya and Deva become friends. This irritates Amrish and he attempts to break Surya and Deva’s friendship and attempts to recruit Surya in his own gang. Meanwhile, a collector from the city (Arvind Swamy) comes to know about Deva and Surya. He is Surya’s younger brother. Arvind tries to get Surya and Deva to change their ways.

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