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Cast : NTR, Savitri.
Music :SP Kothanda Pani
Directed : KH Rao.

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Story Line:

Prasad, a lecturer has a happy life with a loving wife Sita and son Madhu. His parents dote on his wife and vice versa. The news of Sita’s father’s illness causes her to take a train to her hometown, but the train meets with an accident. Sita returns unharmed, but suffers from evident amnesia and ill-treats everyone now. Her father dies and leaves all his property to her.

Meanwhile a doctor figures out that this is not Sita, and Sita indeed demised in the tragic accident. It turns out to be an imposter, by name Lalitha. Prasad, depressed and dejected, sets out to get Lalitha married to her lover. Her lover refuses to marry her, suspecting a liaison between Lalitha and Prasad. After that, Sita’s relative kidnaps Lalitha with an eye on her property. Prasad saves her and she falls in love with him and they get married. Last all ends well.

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