Diamonds Are ForEver (1971) – James Bond Hollywood Movie Online and Download


Cast: Sean Connery, Jill St John, Charles Gray, Lana Wood, Jimmy Dean
Directed by: Guy Hamilton
Produced by: Albert R. Broccoli, Harry Saltzman
Release Date: Dec 17, 1971

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Story Line :

After extensive travels, James Bond (Agent 007) returns valiantly from South Africa, having completed his mission to kill his arch enemy, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. However, Bond arrives only to discover that there’s a pressing case waiting for him: a large amount of diamonds has been stolen from the South African mines and two offbeat assassins are killing everyone in the smuggling ring, one-by-one. Bond goes undercover as Peter Franks, diamond smuggler, in search of recovering the merchandise. When Bond investigates mysterious activities in the world diamond market, he makes a shocking discovery: that the evil Blofeld is still alive, and has been stockpiling the precious gems to use in his deadly laser satellite capable of destroying massive targets on the planet. Bond, with the help of beautiful smuggler Tiffany Case, sets out to stop the madman, but along the way, he must contend with a host of enemies. He confronts offbeat assassins Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd, two of Blofeld’s best assassins. Bond must also navigate his way through the wiles of Bambi and Thumper–two gorgeous sexpots who are more than a match for Bond in hand-to-hand combat. Finally, there’s the reclusive billionaire Willard Whyte who Bond suspects may hold a vital clue to Blofeld’s elusive whereabouts.

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