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Starring: Rajesh Khanna, Balraj Sahni, Prem Chopra, Asit Sen, Jayant, Mumtaz, Bindu, Kamini Kaushal and others
Director: Raj Khosla
Music: Laxmikant Pyarelal
Producer: Raj Khosla

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Story Line:

This is the story of the Gupta family. Embodied with traditional respect for elders and dignity for self, consists of Mrs. Gupta (Veena), her elder son Navendru Gupta (Balraj Sahni), Navendru’s wife Madhvi (Kamini Kaushal); second son Birju Gupta (Prem Chopra); the third son, Satyan Gupta (Rajesh Khanna); one daughter Geeta (Kumud Bole), and Navendru’s son, Raju (Junior Mehmood). The family gets a proposal for marriage from Alloppee Prasad (Asit Sen) and his wife Bhagwanti (Leela Mishra) for Birju, which the family accepts. The bride-to-be Neelu (Bindu) has been abroad and is non-traditional with a broad and outgoing outlook, and makes this known at the very first meeting with the Gupta family. Mrs. Gupta does not appreciate this, but Navendru convinces her, and the marriage takes place. Neelu has a younger sister, the beautiful and stunning Reena (Mumtaz), who goes to the same college as Satyan, and both meet amidst misunderstandings, both comic and embrassing, and eventually both fall in love with each other. Navendru has taken a loan of a large sum of money from a money-lender, and when the time comes to pay, Navendru does not have the money, and Birju’s wife refuses to share and pay the money to Navendru. Misunderstandings and quarrels take place in the household, and ultimately Neelu and Birju move out to their own place. The Gupta family lose their home to their creditors, whilst Birju and Neelu continue to live a life of luxury. Meanwhile, Satyan has given up hope on a happily married life with his sweetheart Reena. How will the family resolve these problems is best seen in the movie.

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