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Cast: Satya, Anish Kuruvilla, Priyanka Veer, Anil Prashanth , Santosh Kumar , Dashveer Singh , Ravi Raju  and others
Release date: 2000
Directed by: Sekhar Kammula
Produced by: Sekhar Kammula
Written by: Sekhar Kammula

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Story Line:

The film opens with one of the Lafoot gang (that’s what they name their gang) Ravi leaving for the U.S of A. Balu is the next in line running around the computer institutes for a crash course to land up in US and make quick bucks. Not just Balu but every Hyderabadi seems to be engulfed in an irresistable temptation to make fast bucks and come back.

Disturbed by this trend, Usha picks up her dictaphone (Giving up a career in medicine) and goes around the college campuses trying to find out what the Hyderabadi youth is upto. Everyone irrespective of which faculty they belong (Arts, Science, or Commerce) want to take up some course in Computers and push off to USA. Still easier for girls who marry an NRH (a non-resident Hyderabadi).

Helping Usha through this excersice is Srinu who is equally disturbed by this wave and under lot of pressure from his father who is convinced that he’s wasting his precious time here when he is cut perfectly to be fit in US. While Phani and Archana, a cool Hyderabadi couple that they were, enjoying the tank bund breeze, the chat wala, and a typical Nawabi attitude, are wonderstruck by unqualified people making it. So they head for the embassy in Madras as well.

Ravi comes back for a holiday with an air of cool attitude undecided if he can really come bcak to Hyderabad at all, since his priorities have changed totally. Balu is agitated by this decision and feels there’s no point in making big money when one cannot take care of their parents as was the case with Ravi’s father who falls ill when he is away earning dollars. 

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