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Cast :Ayesha Jhulka, Negar Khan, Sahil Khan, Shashi Vadiya, Samir Vashi, Sabah Khan and others
Producer & Director : Vicky Tejwani
Genre : Suspense  /  Thriller
Released on : August 12, 2005

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Story Line :

Sonia (Ayesha Julka), settled in Cape Town, decides to marry an uneducated, uncouth guy Sahil (Sahil Khan) from Punjab.Both have indifferences and have problems. On one of his trips to London to attend to his clients, Sahil comes across Negar (Negar Khan), a stripper. Both Sahil and Negar grow closer as they realize how similar their lives are. Subsequently, Sonia has a change of heart and decides to change her outlook towards her husband. But it’s too late by then. Sonia and Sahil have a bitter confrontation. Much later, Sonia is found raped and dead in her apartment. The rest of story is finding who killed Sonia and Why ????

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