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Cast: Ashok Kumar, Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Prem Chopra, Lalita Pawar and others
Director : Pramod Chakravorty

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Story Line:

Sapna, who works under a number of aliases, is a modern day female Robin Hood, who steals from whoever she can, so that she can maintain a home for orphans. One day she meets with wealthy and eligible bachelor, Anupam Verma, and poses as a wealthy princess. He takes her to meet his grandparents, and even lets her live in his palatial bunglow. But soon Sapna’s past catches up with her, when she is recognized as Champabai, a prostitute.  Rich playboy anupam verma loves flirting and romancing with girls,but as far as marriage is concerned,he has vowed to marry his dream girl,someone like the painting of the girl he once brought from a roadside shop.luckily,on a fine day he actually came face to face with his dream girl.the face of the painting is not made of colors now,but with flesh.an excited and astonished anup rushed to her and told her abt his feelings.but his dream girl,to his great shock,stole his money and ran away!!!greatly shaken anupam now promises to himself to find the girl at any cost,and there is only one clue for finding her,the shop from where he brought the painting.but what anupam don’t know is his dream girl is such a question whose answer will destroy his fame, love, position, wealth, in short everything.

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