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Cast: Sathyaraj, Madhumitha, Namitha, Vadivelu, Aishwarya, Thandapani and others
Director: Shakthi Chidambaram

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Story Line:

Sandhya (Madhumitha), a college student in a village aspires to become a popular singer. Though the entire village appreciates her voice, her father (“Kadhal” Thandapani), a dogmatic character, driven by his belief that women are fit only to be good housekeepers, plays a spoke in the wheel of Sandhya’s career growth. Thamizarasu (Sathyaraj) comes to Sandhya’s house as a guest and pretends to love her. But Sandhya opens her heart to Siva (Siva Balaji). Meanwhile, Sandhya’s father arranges to get her married to a local rowdy who is the son of Akilandeswari (Ishwarya) the MLA of the village. To escape from this forceful marriage, Sandhya and Sathya elope with the help of Thamizarasu. Thamizarasu helps Sandhya become a popular singer. Not withstanding the disappointment, the local rowdy comes in search of Sandhya only to bump her off. Thamizarasu once again helps her from the rowdy and successfully gets her married to Siva. Rest of the story  is Who is Thamizarasu? Why he pretended to love Sandhya? Why he helped Sathya to attain her goal?

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