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Cast: Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Alexander Gould, Willem Dafoe, Brad Garrett
Directed by: Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich
Produced by: John Lasseter, Graham Walters, Jinko Gotoh
Genres: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Kids/Family and Animation
Running Time: 1 hr. 40 min.
Release Date: May 30th, 2003

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Story Line :

When his son, Nemo is taken from him by a diver, Marlin the clown fish sets off on a journey to rescue him. Together with Dory, a blue tang fish with short term memory loss, they set off through the oceans, whilst joining a club with sharks, dodging jellyfish and hooking a ride with turtles. Whilst this is happening, Nemo and his new tank friends hatch a plan to escape from their new home

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