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Cast: Anil Nagrath, Amit Pachori,Sapna and others
Director: Kanti Shah
Released on : 21 April 2006

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Story Line :

The movie is about twin sisters coveting the same man. Bobby is a working girl in Bangkok while her twin sister, Julie, is interested in only having a good time. Bobby meets Rocky at the seaside lifeguard. Bobby cant swim and Rocky assures her that he would save her in case she was drowning. But she is drawn by water and to get into her to sense he make love to her. When she finally comes to her senses, she is aghast that she has lost her virginity and insists on marriage with Rocky.After they are married, Bobby goes to work while Rocky stays at home, where he is seduced by Bobbys twin, Julie. The unhappy triangle continues till Rockys brother, Johny, comes to stay with them. He falls in love with Julie, who leads him on. Julie explains to Rocky that shes only pretending to be in love with Johny. Her plan is to marry Johny, but under that cover, to continue her love affair with Rocky. Johny overhears her and stabs her to death. He then heads towards the police station to surrender.

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