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Cast: Surya, Nayantara, Vadivelu, Ramesh Khanna
Director: K.S.Ravi Kumar
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Released on: 17th October, 2009

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Movie Review :

Surya, a sharp shooter has never missed his target until now. But when he is assigned by Dr. Reddy (Rahul Dev) to bump off a magistrate Subramaniam (Late Actor Murali), ready to unveil the list of culprits involved in organ-racketeering of poor children. Unfortunately,Surya misses his target on magistrate and now hatches plans to get into his house to accomplish this task. But every time, he concocts a fantastic plan to kill the magistrate, he’s fails terribly with it.

Does Surya succeed with this mission or not forms crux of the story with a sudden twist in climax

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