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Cast: David Renton, William Atherton, Erin Gray, James DeBello and others
Directed by: Gary Jones

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Story Line:

There’s this hot college girl whose granny from the old country dies. She travels to the tiny Eastern European village with her dad and step mom for granny’s funeral where the townsfolk all act suspiciously except for the one ‘uncle’ who is really part of a cult that needs the girl because she’s the last of her bloodline for a ritual that involves these ghouls that fly around killing people at random. Make sure to give us plenty of that black mass stuff and show the ghouls eating a person or two. And we need some sort of cursed object, an obelisk maybe. And be sure there‚Äôs a magic dagger that can potentially end it all. The girl needs a love interest so be sure to throw in some young guy who has to save her from the cult. Make him a young ghoul hunter or something like that. Yeah, that’ll work. You can fill in the rest of the blanks. And I’ll need it by this weekend.


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