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Cast : J.D.Chakravarthy, Maheshwary, Brahmaji
Music : Shashi Preetam
Directed : Krishna Vamshi
Produced : Ram Gopal Varma

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Story Line :

Gulabi is a love story. BabuRao (Jeeva) sells ladies to other countries and botherhouse for money .Chandra ( charavarthi) a college student who helps his friends love, puja (maheswari) loves chandu and makes blank calls ,chandra finds out the blank caller is puja and soon chandra falls in love with puja. Oneday Puja have marriage lookings and chandra intrupts and both had a clash. Chandra friend helps to escape puja and sells her to Babu rao. How Chandra finds Puja back forms the rest of the movie. 
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