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Cast : Bobby Deol,Manisha Koirala,Kajol,Raj Babbar and others
Written : Rajiv Rai, Shabbir Boxwala
Produced : Gulshan Rai
Directed : Rajiv Rai
Released on :  July 4, 1997

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Story Line :

Sahil (Bobby Deol) doesn’t get along with his stepfather (Raj Babbar), the Governor who makes every effort to reach out to him. In college Sahil meets Sheetal (Manisha Koirala) and is reacquainted with his childhood friend, Isha (Kajol). Sahil and Isha soon fall in love. At the same time, Sheetal begins to fall for him. Knowing this, her father arranges the engagement between her and Sahil, to be announced by Raj babaer at Sahil’s birthday party. Sahil, however, intends to announce his marriage to Isha on the same day. Upon hearing his stepfather’s announcement, Sahil picks up a knife in a fit of rage and almost stabs him. The next day Sahil finds his stepfather stabbed to death. He is placed at the murder scene and is sent to jail. Wanting to prove his innocence, he escapes and starts looking for clues along with Sheetal and Isha . How he finds the real culprit is the rest of the movie.

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