HJ Split


License for usage:

HJSplit is freeware for personal and corporate use.

License for distribution:

Feel free to include HJSplit on your download sites and shareware/freeware CD-Roms as long as you do not alter the .zip package in any way. You are also not allowed to ask any money for the HJSplit program itself, since the program is freeware.

Download HJ Split here 


After download, To join a set of files, just perform the steps indicated below.


(1) Make sure the set of split parts (set of files ending in .001, .002, .003, etc.) to be joined all reside inside the same directory.

(2) click on the button ‘Input file’, in the screen directly above, which will open the dialog shown directly below:


(3) In this dialog, select the file you want to join. Then press the ‘Open’ button.

Information: please note that only the first file in the set of split parts (the .001 file) is visible in this dialog. Note that it is important that all split parts are in the same folder. When the other files which belong to the set of split parts (.002, .003, .004, etc.) are in the same folder, HJSplit will automatically find them during joining.

After pressing ‘Open’, the name and path of the file you just selected will appear in the ‘input file’ box, please see below:


(4) Press the ‘start’ button in the screen above. HJSplit now shows a progressbar with the title ‘working’.


(5) Finally,you will see the message that joining is completed (see below).

That the joined file can now be found in the same folder as the split part (the .001 file you selected in step 2).


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