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Cast : Rajat Kapoor, Sushant Singh, Vrajesh Hirjee, Mandeep Mazumdar, Kartika Rane, Dibyendu Bhattacharya
Screenplay: Jaideep Varma
Story Writer: Jaideep Varma
Producer: Sunil Doshi
Director: Jaideep Varma
Banner: Handmade Films

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Story Line:

The film is about Raj Puri who is a broker and his wife Abha is a marketing executive, the couple move into their new house in Malad area of Mumbai and Abha is happy to be in her new home but Raj is disturbed in the new house from the night whistle blowing of watchman Matthew.Raj couldn’t get sleep in nights and and report to the secretary, but they say watchman is required to whistle in the nights to provide security to the residents.Due to this he suffers major losses in his businesses because of the sleep problem. What happens forms the rest of the movie,

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