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Cast: Abhay, Sunitha and others
Direction: Dwaraki Raghavan Perarasu
Production: R.Jagadeesh
Music: Vijay Antony, Dwarki Raghavan

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Story Line:

The story is set in the backdrop of deep forests. Selvi (Sunitha Verma) seeks the solitude of the forest in the bargain, she meets Azhaku Sundaram (Abhay) who lives in the jungle along with his mother. The heroine falls in love with the hero. Though she abhors the uncouth manners of the jungle dweller, as time rolls on, transformation slowly sets in and Selvi’s attempts to civilize the hero succeed. The two tie the nuptial knot after overcoming many a hurdle. The director narrates the story through the medium of flash-back, that is, the elderly couple reminiscing about their past.

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