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Cast: Bharat Bhushan, Ashish Kumar, Kanan Kaushal, Anita Guha, Trilok Kapoor, Rajnibala, B.M. Vyas
Director: Vijay Sharma
Screenplay: R. Priyadarshi
Music: C. Arjun
Lyrics: Pradeep
Cinematogarphy: Sudhendu Roy
Art Direction: Hirabhai Patel

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Story Line:

Satyavati lives a poor lifestyle along with her widower dad in Sonarpur, and is a devotee of Devi Maa Santoshi, (the daughter of Bhagwan Shri Ganesh, who had created her so that his two sons could have a sister to tie a Raakhee on their wrists on Raksabandhan). While returning home one day, Satyavati is molested by Banke, and she is rescued by Birajram, who lives in Mirpur, along with his widowed mom, six elder brothers, and their respective wives and children. Both Satyavati and Birajram fall in love, and with the approval of their respective families, get married. After moving in with Birajram, Satyavati finds out that her husband is referred to as the slacker, is fed leftovers, and is abused and ill-treated by everyone save for his mother and eldest brother, Dayaram. When Birajram finds out that he is being fed leftovers, he leaves, boards a boat, which capsizes and he allegedly drowns, leaving Satyavati at the mercy of her uncaring mother-in-law, two cruel sister-in-laws, while she refuses to believe her husband is dead, also refuses to behave like a widow, and steadfastly starts sixteen weeks of fasting and devotion to appease Devi Maa Santoshi – little knowing that her very own plight is due to three jealous Devi Maa’s’ – Gauri, Lakshmi, and Parvati – the spouses of Bhagwan Shri Brahmaji, Vishnuji, and Shivji – and there is no power on Earth that can save her from their wrath.

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