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Cast: Lakshmi Narayan, Vikram, Nadira
Director: K.S. Sethumadhavan
Music Director: Rajesh Roshan
Genre: Family, Musical, Romance, Drama
Story/Writer: Inder Raj Anand, Chakrapani

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Story Line :

Julie (Laxmi) is a Christian Anglo-Indian girl with a loving, but alcoholic father (Om Prakash) and a domineering mother (Nadira), a younger brother and sister (Sridevi). She falls in love with her best friend’s (Rita Bhaduri) brother Shashi Bhattacharya (Vikram), a Hindu boy, and she has a passionate encounter with him, which leaves her pregnant. He goes away to college, not knowing about her condition. Her mother is distraught when Julie tells her about the pregnancy. They don’t tell the rest of the family. Her mother thinks about getting Julie an abortion, but a devout Christian (Ruby Myers) talks her out of it. Julie is sent away to have her baby in secret. The rest of the family is told that Julie got a job. After the baby’s birth, Julie’s mother arranges for the child to be left in an orphanage, and demands that Julie return home and forget about the baby.

When she comes back home, her father has died. She is now the primary earner in the family. Later, she runs into her Hindu boyfriend and tells him everything. He asks to marry her, but his mother objects to the mixed marriage. She blames Julie for seducing her son and having the baby. Julie’s mother doesn’t want the marriage either, as it will represent a mixed-caste marriage, and she wants to return to England. However, the wisdom of the boyfriend’s fatherUtpal Dutt prevails as he confronts the mothers’ prejudices regarding caste and religion, and urges both to accept the baby boy. The film ends with the mothers offering their full blessings to the young couple, and Julie’s mother promising her grandson she will “never leave him.”

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