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Cast : Ajith Kumar,Manu,Vivek,Karan,Girish Karnad,M.S.Viswanathan
Music : Bharathwaj
Written and Directed : Saran
Release date: March 1998

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Story Line :

Shiva(Ajith) is a mechanic, a daredevil known for attempting daring acts for the sake of a bet. One such bet takes him to Delhi where he meets a woman who asks him to deliver a letter to her younger sister. This younger sister is Thilothama(Manu), who is all set to be engaged to Ranjan(Karan), the man of her father’s choice. But that doesn’t stop Shiva from falling in love with her. Against her better sense, Thilothama too finds herself falling for Shiva.
The confusion of Manu has been brought out especially well as she struggles between acknowledging her feelings for Ajith and accepting her father’s orders. The couple’s trip to Delhi is one such portion that is unhindered by others and Manu’s gradual falling for Ajith.Watch Happens Will Manu marry Shiva or karan is the rest of the movie.

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