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Cast :Tamanna, Akil, Visu and others
Directed by :Balaji Shakthivel
Produced by: S. Shankar
Written by: Balaji Shakthivel

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Story Line:

A set of friends are studying in the same class and they enter into the college for the first time. In the class room they see a new girl Shobhana (Tamanna), who is strikingly different from the lot. She looks fair. She looks sad. She is aloof. The group sympathizes for her and brings her into its fold. The girl soon becomes part and parcel of the group.

Most of the students are from poor background. The protagonist has an aim in his life. Being an athlete, he wants to excel in sports and get a good job through sports quota to give his poor family a new lease of life. Shobhana is a rich girl from an upper caste feels for the boy and helps him achieve his goal. In fact every friend does the same thing but Shobhana does it with some sort of special attachment. Slowly love develops in the minds of both but they chose to put it on the back seat for the sake of the larger friendship they share with the group. The rest of the story is they are compelled by the circumstances to come out with their feelings but life has some other designs.

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