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Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Bhumika, Vijay Kumar, Mumtaj, Ali, Sivaji and others
Music: Mani Sharma
Story, Screenplay & Direction: SJ Surya
Producer: A.M Ratnam
Released on : 27th April 2001

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Story Line:

The movie begins with births of Siddhardha Roy (Pawan Kalyan) and Madhumita (Bhoomika Chawla) in Kolkata and Kaikaluru respectively. They grow up and after 20 years Siddardha Roy, Siddu, is all set to go to Canada for doing his MS. While Madhumita, Madhu, is engage a guy whom her father has chosen but the guy elopes on marriage day with his lover . Siddu meets with an accident  and so  both Madhu and Siddu  join in Nizam college of Hyderabad.

They meet each other and find that they have lots of things in common and are made for each other. They want others to express their love. One day a small issue blows out  and their inflated ego takes over their hearts and decide that they are no more friends and no relationship. But they brought back together as Madhu’s best friend Lakshmi and Siddu’s best friend Babu are in deeply love and Lakshmi’s father Gunduba Satti threatens Babu. So Madhu and Siddu decide to get along for uniting their friends.They marry Lakshmi and Babu. What happens will Madhu and Siddhu get off from their egoes ?? and find their love back forms the rest of the story.

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