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Cast : N.T Rama Rao, Sridevi, Jayanthi, Satyanarayana, Mohanbabu, Raogopalrao, Nagesh, Allu Ramalingaiah and others
Director : K. Raghavendra Rao
Released on : 1981

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Part-1 || Part-2 || Part-3 || Part-4 || Part-5 || Part-6

Part-1 || Part-2 || Part-3 || Part-4 || Part-5 || Part-6

Part-1 || Part-2 || Part-3 || Part-4 || Part-5 || Part-6

Story Line:

The Movie is the Ranjith Kumar (NTR Kondaviti Simham) is a daring police officer. When he is on a mission his wife is about to delivery a baby. But NTR got hurt in that operation after the delivery of the baby. There is jataka that if the father sees the sons face he will die. So without the knowledge of Jayanthi and NTR they give the baby to a servant. Later they had another boy (Mohan Babu) who is mischeivous and do don’t study and irretate teachers. So NTR beat him and later sends him to Boarding school. After few years Mohan Babu hates father Kondaviti Simham while the elder son wants to know about his parents. What happens will they meet is the rest of the movie.ondaviti, kondaveeti, konda, conda, viti, kondha, telugu, full movie old, ntr movie kondaveti simham, simhum, semham, kondaveeti, kondavethi, kondaviti, download online, free, 1981, sridevi)


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