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Cast: Sivaji, Ali, Krishna Bhagawan Farzana and others
Director: Srinivas Reddy
Music: Jeevan Thomas
Release date: 04 December 2008

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Story Line:

Yarlagadda Sivaram aka Jr. YSR (Sivaji) is a small time villager. His only ambition in life is to become the president of the village panchayat. He has Chitti Babu (Ali) as his side kick.  Jr. YSR sells away all his property in his bid to get elected as the president. But he loses the election to Chalapathi Rao. The villagers are also cheated of their hard earned money when a bogus housing company enters the village. The villagers pay up the amount asked by the company representative (Uttej) after Jr. YSR claims that he is a close friend of Uttej and hence can be trusted.
Jr. YSR and his friend Chitti Babu are banished from the village and the president asks them to repay all the loans they have taken before they can return to the village. They ask Jr. YSR’s mother (Kalpana) to stay back in the village till her son clears the loans.

The two friends come to Hyderabad where they meet their close friend Rambabu (Krishna Bhagawan). Rambabu wants to go to Dubai but he is cheated by travel agents and hence stays back in Hyderabad. A Mumbai based gang led by Dr. Sivaprasad loot the Nizam Jewels valued at over 500 crore. The gangster’s brother who robbed the jewels is chased by the police and he hides them in a abandoned car garage and shots the are with a mobile phone.
The cell phone actual belongs to Frazana. The gangster blackmails her and asks her to fetch the cell phone and he holds Farzana’s brother who is suffering from kidney failure as hostage.  The scene now shifts to the colony where the gangster has hidden the chest containing the jewels. Sivaji, Ali, Krishna Bhagawan are on the look out for the jewels and they join hands with Farzana in a bid to help her.  The rest of the story is how the four lead actors unearth the jewels. Sivaji and Ali return to their village and repay all the loans. Sivaji and Farzana and Ali and Kausha, who are by no in love, agree to enter wedlock.

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