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Cast : Charmy Kaur, Aravindhan, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Dheeraj Kher, Babu Antony
Direction : Prabu Solomon
Produced : J.P. Kumar, D.Y. Chowdary
Banner : Cosmos Entertainment
Label : Sony BMG
Lyrics : Yugabarathi
Music : Dharan

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Story Line:

Laadam is the story of a young man who accidentally stumbles upon a gang war and finds himself in a life-threatening situation between the two gangs that are up against each other and the poor guy’s life. The movie revolves around his attempts to save his life from the burly gangsters. The whole movie is, thus, a hide-and-seek affair, only parts of it really hold on to your attention. The pre-interval session of the movie lets your expectations mount, but the predictable fare lets it fizzle out the same way in the post-interval session. And the rest of it is largely passé that puts your power of endurance to test.

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