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Cast : Payal Rohatgi, Rohit Chopra, Dayashankar Pandey, Cheesz Shetty, Farid Amiri and others
Director: Vicky G
Producer: Sunrise Production
Year : 2004
Genre: Romance, Drama

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Story Line:

The story is about a group of black mailers. Our very own heroine payal and one more girl are the front runners in the group who actually get involved sexually with people and then blackmail them for money. There is this one guy(hero) who is in CBI and is after this group. One more guy(another hero) who marries payal and then payal gave him divorce and take money and then there is a series of such blackmails, one minister, producers(casting couch),doctors n all. a nostory at all. And all these scenes are picturised to serve to quench the thirst of the eyes but the attempt is not succesful. the fun part is that finally our pair of heroes actually marry these girls. Happy ending to totally unrelated events.

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