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It is not just another show. The whole platform has been conceptualized as an experience of a lifetime.
It would be a show that is on par with the international standards. With unusual and exciting celebrity combinations, the anchor – Mrs. Lakshmi Manchu steers the show to make it one of its kind. A complete experience- A common ground for combination of celebrities, varying values, all gathered as one thread to each other. Bringing in expertise/moments/beliefs/causes & strife of a lifetime…we aren’t about solving…problems/issues. Every opinion is revered…to each…their own.

The content just doesn’t end there… Mrs. Lakshmi reveals the faces of our favorite playback singers whose voice – we are familiar with but whose face – we’ve never known. Watch the show to unearth the never-before-told details about our favorite Telugu Film Industry legends and stars.

Ms. Lakshmi is the anchor….that will eventually find its tidings in countless lives across television audience of the state…all awaiting that 1 hour every week …to be a part, to cement musings of a value enriched life.

Come live it…every sec with us. An experience like none other- through trials & tribulations, through ups & downs of all life. through tears & joys untold, through ecstasy & helpless faith, shattered dreams& unexpected gains, through miracles & dead-ends, through…the multifold rainbow called life of our favorite celebrities!

Come experience….the magic of life beautiful…with a woman we all want to befriend…..a daughter, a sister, a wife, at work in far lands & at home in India….desi gal with videsi vichaar??…naaah!!!

Come meet… Lakshmi MANCHU every friday @ 8.30 PM


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Lakshmi Talk Show With Rajshekar n Jeevitha 

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Lakshmi Talk Show with Dasari Narayana Rao 

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Lakshmi Talk Show with Charmee

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Lakshmi Talk Show with Jaya Sudha

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Lakshmi Talk Show with Devi Sri Prasad

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Lakshmi Talk Show with prabhas

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Lakshmi Talk Show with Nagarjuna

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Lakshmi Talk Show with Siddarth and  Manjula

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Lakshmi Talk Show(LTS) with Vishnu and Veronica

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Lakshmi Talk Show with VV Vinay and YVS chowdary

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Lakshmi talk show with Sumanth

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