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Cast : Shaam, Trisha, Vivek, Srinivasan, Innocent, Hanifa, Madhavan
Music : Harris Jeyaraj
Director: S. Priyadarsan
Release date :  2002

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Story Line:

Chandru(Vivek) is in trouble. He tricked the people for money and filling his grandfather’s head with tales of making great returns on all the money he has invested while he is living in a shack on the estate of his friend Rakesh (Shyaam) and brings his grandfather and , his wife and a bunch of aunts and a lot of young children while rakesh acts as his manager. Chandru asks to borrow his friend’s land(Rakesh) and property for a week, reminding him that he once saved his life after an accident by donating blood.  It’s more like two months that his grandfather is staying on vacation, and Chandru has a mysterious admirer, who has sent him a fluffy white dog which creates havoc and suspect that she is one of the five aunties that have arrived with his grandfather.Chandru and Rakesh initiate various schemes to reveal the identity of the mystery woman. Rakesh soon finds himself falling, painfully and predictably for Bala (Trisha), but she seems to have a secret she is keeping from everyone.
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